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As we searched the back roads around Pearlington we found this mobile home in the road with a power line pole tipped that we had to navigate around. We found evidence of horses in the area that were still alive so kept searching.

We were pleased to find this little mare and a mule along with two others that were still alive and had survived the water by swimming for several hours. The horses swam over their stall partitions and were very exhausted and dehydrated but did survive. We gave her electro-lytes and some hay. Unfortunately the man had ten others that didn't survive. 

Some of the dogs back at the shelter waiting for their owners or foster homes. Sam Bailey and Kendra Williams and several volunteers are working tirelessly to see that the animal victims are being cared for. The animals are being taken to another shelter where they will be held for 30 days to give their owners time to find them and be reunited. Some will be given up because their owners have lost their homes and belongings. 

If you can help in any way please contact Sam at or contact me at and I will put you in contact with them. As of Sep 15th there was still no electricity in the area nor telephone so I'm sure they aren't back on line yet but you can contact me and I will get a message to them.  These are wonderful, hard working people that are trying to see that the animal victims are taken care of even in the wake of losing their own homes and belongings. 

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