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Oakwood Farm-3433 Kaiser Hill Rd.

New Haven, MO 63068


Contract may be printed out and sent to above address with booking fee.

This contract is for the breeding season of 2014 and is made between Oakwood Farm, hereinafter known as Stallion Owner and the owner of the mare,


Mare Owner



________________________________, _______, _________,

City State Zip



The Mare Owner Agrees:
1) To breed the mare by the name of _______________________________________, who is a ______(yr of birth) (Breed)___________________________________, ___________________________, Registry number ____________________________, to the stallion _________________________________.

2) The service fee is $_____________, $__200__ of which is payable with this contract and is considered as the booking fee and the balance of the fee, $____________ will be paid prior to the mare leaving the farm, or in the case of transported semen, the total fee is to be paid prior to the semen leaving the farm. (Note): In the case of transported semen there is an additional charge of $250  collection/lab fees. FedEx, shipping charges to be paid by mare owner. ($250 fee includes FedEx shipping charges and container).

3) The mare will be accompanied by a health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian certifying that:
a. the mare is in sound breeding condition and has a clean culture.
b. the mare has been vaccinated for influenza, EEE and WEE, Tetanus, and Rhinopneumonitis.
c. the mare has been de-wormed within the past 30 days and carries a current negative coggins dated within 6 months.

4) It is understood that Oakwood Farm, its agents or employees , will not be held responsible in case of accident , sickness, theft or death of the mare and/or her foal and will provide suitable feed, facilities, and will exercise their best judgment in the care and supervision of the mare and/or the foal.

5) Mare care is $_12_ per day, with a foal by side $_14_ per day.

6) All Board, Farrier, Veterinarian, and any other outstanding fees will be paid prior to the mare leaving the farm.

7) Should the above named Stallion die or become unfit for breeding then this contract is considered null and void. Service fee is non-transferable. The booking fee is non-refundable. Any additional service fee is refundable only in case of death of Stallion if no semen has been inseminated or shipped.

8) This contract provides a live foal guarantee, meaning a foal that can stand and nurse. Should the mare lose the foal during gestation or the foal dies at birth, veterinarian certification of the same will be provided to the stallion owner within 10 days. The stallion owner will then make provisions to rebreed the mare during the consecutive breeding season only, after that time this contract is considered null and void.

9) It is the strong recommendation of Oakwood Farm that the mare owner use veterinary palpation and ultra sound examination to determine that ovulation and insemination are synchronized. Oakwood Farm requires at least 24 hour notice before collecting and shipping semen.

10) An additional charge of $________ shall be applied to all shipped semen for each container preparation and delivery to the shipper. Shipping charges and a container deposit shall be C.O.D. unless prepaid.

11) Semen will not be shipped without a health certificate as stated in #3 above and a clear copy of a current coggins showing all identifying marks, date of birth, breed, registration number, tattoo/brand number etc.

12) Shipped semen must be inseminated by a licensed veterinarian who must fill out a verification form before future shipments or foal registration papers can be completed.

*Special Note: Foals conceived by Thoroughbred mares bred via transported semen are NOT eligible for registration with The Jockey Club. The Jockey Club requires live cover breedings only.

13) Information is acceptable by fax (573) 237-2657 and money can be wire transferred directly to our account when time is of the essence.

14) As in every contract, both parties enter into this agreement in good faith.


___________________________________ ____________________

Mare Owner Signature Date


___________________________________ _____________________

Stallion Owner Signature Date

email: dona@fidnet.com