Hurricane Katrina Trip to Pearlington, MS

9-11-05 through 9-14-05

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Lois and Nora coming home from Pearlington. 

Our rig loaded with hay and supplies in the National Guard compound on the first morning after arrival in Mississippi.

Our sign that Ziglin signs of Washington, MO made for us. Thank you!

At daybreak as I looked out the window of my truck I saw our National Guard troops getting ready for the day. We stayed in their compound and were so glad they were there.

This is the house right next to where the animal shelter is setting up. It's just an example of what the devastation that the whole town looked like. We only saw two structures standing and they were heavily damaged. 

One of the volunteers with some of the first animals starting to arrive as rescuers are going out searching for them and bringing them in.

As we set out searching for animals I snapped this photo of the highway 90 bridge which as you can see is turned completely sideways.


Some of the dogs we were able to pick up by baiting them with food and water. There were four others that had died in their kennels. We made arrangements for burial for them. The large dog in the crate has a broken hind leg that has already partially set. He will be taken care of when we get him back to our shelter. There were four others that we had to go back for but we left them food and water.


This is the view of where the Post Office had been in Pearlington. We were told that there was a shrimp boat in a tree behind this area but we were too busy picking up animals and I didn't get a photo of the shrimp boat in the tree.

Each day that we were there we were told that there were cattle on Highway 90 but we could never find them. Finally, in the evening we located the cattle in a large flat area surrounded by heavy forest and swamp. After taking them hay and water and giving them a bite of grain I was able to coax them to my horse trailer that was baited with hay and water. I called the 'big' one Katrina and the two little ones Betsy and Ivan. They survived and were taken to a holding pen to hopefully, be claimed by their owners. 

Our shelter is filling up with various dogs that are being cared for by Anne, a vet from Florida, that volunteered her time and supplies and several other volunteers that came down to help. By this time we had bottled water for the dogs and crates being assembled and various portable dog kennels being set up. Each dog was examined, vaccinated for rabies, treated for any injuries, photographed, treated for fleas and placed into a kennel for identification by owners as they came to find their animals.

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I will be adding more photos of our trip as time allows. Bookmark this page and come back for more information on how to help the animals. This will be a long process in caring for all of these animals displaced by this terrible disaster. 

As I update this page in February of 2006 I am still receiving emails and notices that help is urgently needed for the animal victims in Louisiana and Mississippi. The rescue groups and shelters are still needing volunteers, supplies and food for the animals. If you can help or would like more information about where help is needed please feel free to contact me. Lois

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly
you are doing the impossible." - Francis of Assisi

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