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At Oakwood Farm we raise horses for racing and sport. Mares and stallions are selectively chosen for producing the horse best suited to that pedigree. We take great pride in producing quality young prospects with beauty, ability and disposition.  Our horses are raised outdoors in large groups where they learn to be horses and develop strong bones and joints.  Below are some of them listed and you may click on the photos for more information on each horse. 

  Finished Copy - 15.2 hand Thoroughbred Mare  Sired by Seine Minstrel - Missouri Song by Sunny Songster

Diamond Gold (aka Tristan) - 15.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding sired by Diamond Bill - Able Trixie by Danable (3/4 brother to Bonfire)

Seineamon Prince -  14.1 hand APHA gelding sired by Heza Diamond King - Seineamon by Seine Minstrel (3/4 thoroughbred)

Gabriela (Gabby) - 11 hand 1/2 Thoroughbred Pony sired by Tropic's Finale - Lucy Pony

Missouri Diamond - 16 hand Thoroughbred mare sired by Diamond Bill - Missouri Song by Sunny Songster

Sincere Royalty - APHA mare sired by Heza Diamond King - Seinecerely by Seine Minstrel

Yoshi - Warmblood gelding 16+ hands - Shire/Thoroughbred cross - SOLD!!

2009 Solid APHA Filly sired by Treasured Pal - Memora Bill by Our Last Bill - Beautiful 3/4 Thoroughbred eligible for Warmblood Registry

2009 Thoroughbred Filly sired by Tapabill - Sherizon by Our Last Bill - Outstanding bloodlines for sport, jumping, movement.

2007 Tap Secret (TB) sired by Tap The Till - My Sweet Spot by Seine Minstrel - Beautiful conformation, excellent bloodlines!

2007 Missouri Buzz (APHA) - Tap The Till - All Abuzz by Buzz Bar Doc - Jet Black Colt, big, beautiful, eligible for Warmblood Registry!

2003 Misty-APHA Mare - Elijah Blue Doc - Sheza Neat Serenade - Beautiful Black & White mare!


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Horse thou art truly a creature without equal, for thou fliest without wings and conquerest without sword.

~ The Koran


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