Oakwood Farm Thoroughbreds Racing and sport horses

Oakwood Farm Thoroughbreds Racing and sport horses

Racing/Sport Horses
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Oakwood Farm is a Thoroughbred breeding Farm in the Midwest less than one hour west of St. Louis, Missouri in the rolling hills of Missouri Wine Country. We stand four beautiful Thoroughbred stallions and 2 lovely Paints for Racing and Sport Horses. A Full service boarding facility with roomy box stalls, turn out paddocks, or pasture. We specialize in breeding QUALITY horses. For more information and pictures of our stallions and some of our young prospects click on one of the links. Please bookmark our site and come back often. Take a look at our horses and phone or email for a video if you see something you like. Transportation can be arranged for shipping horses. Visitors always welcome. Please phone or email for appointment.

We are now taking bookings to our stallions for the 2016 season and welcome your mares! Please take the links to our stallion pages and find the stallion that suits your needs for producing your next quality foal. We also gladly board mares that are to be bred to other stallions through transported semen and have an equine specialist veterinarian that works closely with us to get your mare in foal. Let us do the mare care, teasing and setting appointments with the vet for optimum breeding to the stallion of your choice.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers that bred to our stallions or purchased horses from us and wish them the very best with their horses. We are always glad to hear how our horses are doing and love to hear from you. If you have any photos of Oakwood bred horses or foals by our stallions we would love to post them on our Sales Graduates page or photos of foals pages.

Take the link to photos to see pictures of the new foals. We are preparing young prospects for your inspection and welcome showing them to you. I will be adding photos and information as time allows. There may be other horses that aren't photographed or listed yet so please let us know what you are looking for and perhaps we have something that would suit you. Please feel free to ask for references from previous sales if you are thinking about purchasing one of our horses.  We will gladly give you references of satisfied customers.  We want our horses to be happy in their new homes.

We board any horses regardless of breed and take great pride in our retirement horse boarding program. We can arrange boarding to suit each individual's needs and welcome retirees at reasonable rates. We offer stall board or pasture board, depending on your needs. We also welcome stallions or youngsters.

We gladly foal out mares and offer 24 hour supervision with cameras, foaling monitors and many years experience. We have three excellent equine vets within a few miles of the farm.

We are also offering some select mares for sale or lease so be sure to check out the Mares for sale page!

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